Country roads guitar chords and lyrics

In 1970, under the name “Fat City”, Danoff and his then-wife, Mary (“Taffy”) Nivert (pronounced with a long ‘I’) co-wrote a song called “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado. ” Alan Cowell, manager of the DC club Cellar Door, where Danoff had worked as a sound and light man while attending Georgetown University, recommended it to Colorado transplant John Denver. Ultimately, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, was the result. Danoff (from Springfield, Massachusetts) has stated he had never been to West Virginia before co-writing the song. Inspiration for the song had come while they were driving along Clopper Road to a Nivert family reunion in nearby Montgomery County, Maryland. According to a radio interview with Nivert, the road is close to Washington, D. C. , where Denver often worked. To pass the time en route, Danoff had made up a ballad about the little winding roads they were taking. He had even briefly considered using “Massachusetts” rather than “West Virginia” as both four-syllable state names would have fit the song’s meter. Today, the landscape around Clopper Road has changed drastically and little resembles the countryside scenery that once surrounded it.