Country strong guitar chords

The first show is a disaster: before going on, Kelly receives an anonymous package containing a bloody baby doll with a note reading “Baby Killer,” referring to the baby Kelly miscarried when she fell off the stage in Dallas during her last concert before she went into rehab. At that concert, she was five months pregnant and was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0. 19 when she was in the hospital for the injuries related to the fall. Kelly falls apart, starts drinking, and almost refuses to go on. However, she is coerced into going on stage by James. She begins to sing “Country Strong” but breaks down on stage. She attempts to try another song, “A Fighter”, but breaks down again and is led off stage by her husband, ending the show. They tell the media at a press conference that they had to cancel the show due to food poisoning and head off to the next show.