Eight days a week guitar chords

Eight Days was officially announced in a trailer that was played during Sony’s E3 2006 Press Conference. The trailer began with a scene of two men staring at guns inside the trunk of a car. The trailer then cuts to a group of people standing in the Arizona desert. It then cuts to a scene in which passengers in two separate sports cars are shooting at each other. After being shot at, one of the cars flips over, destroying it. The other car arrives at the spot where the group of people were standing. They then engage in a gun battle with the two men from the first scene. The fight continues, and eventually the two men run off as a tanker truck slides and crashes into a diner, causing an explosion. The trailer then cuts to the logo of the game. A final scene after the logo is displayed shows one of the men picking up a lighter from the body of a dead enemy. He then flicks open the lighter and drops it in the gasoline from the tanker. As he walks away an explosion occurs.