Hey joe guitar chords

American musician Dino Valenti (also known as Chet Powers and other pen names) is listed as the songwriter on some early releases of the song. “Hey Joe” was registered for copyright in the US in 1962 by Billy Roberts, a California-based folk musician. [self-published source?] Scottish folk singer Len Partridge has claimed that he helped write the song with Roberts when they both performed in clubs in Edinburgh in 1956. Roberts may have drawn inspiration for “Hey Joe” from three earlier works: his girlfriend Niela Miller’s 1955 song “Baby, Please Don’t Go to Town” [self-published source?] (which uses a similar chord progression based on the circle of fifths); Carl Smith’s 1953 US country hit “Hey Joe!” (written by Boudleaux Bryant), which shared the title and the “questioning” format; and the early 20th century traditional ballad “Little Sadie”, which tells of a man on the run after he has shot his wife. The lyrics to “Little Sadie” often locate the events in Thomasville, North Carolina, and “down in” Jericho, South Carolina (a large rice plantation in the lowlands); Roberts was born in South Carolina.