Lying eyes guitar chords

In Sweden the film debuted on 10 January 1999 whilst in the UK, the film wouldn’t debut until 19 November 2004, although it was not actually released on VHS or DVD in the country. The film was originally released on VHS in America through Uav Corporation in 2001, with a DVD following in 2006 by Allumination, which used the same artwork as the VHS version. In April 2012, a new DVD version was issued by Fisher Klingenstein Films. In May 2012, the film was included on a “Mystery and Suspense” 4 DVD Collection set, also released by Fisher Klingenstein Films. This set included Lying Eyes as the first film, along with 1994’s Visions of Terror, 1991’s Face Value and 1986’s Thompson’s Last Run. In Brazil, the film was distributed by PlayArte Filmes.