New divide guitar chords

Linkin Park’s “What I’ve Done” was included on the first Transformers soundtrack and was featured in the film’s trailer. Mike Shinoda first alluded to “New Divide” on March 28, 2009, stating “We’ve been working on a new song in the past couple of weeks that has been a lot of fun. The backdrop for the song is built on layered, heavy synths and a sharp performance by [the band’s drummer] Rob Bourdon. ” On April 24, Shinoda revealed that they were working with film score composer Hans Zimmer, writing various interpretations of “New Divide” to serve as thematic elements for the film. When discussing the Transformers sequel with Blabbermouth, Michael Bay said “I love Linkin Park. . . they really delivered with ‘New Divide’ — it’s a great song that perfectly matches the film’s intensity. ” Parts of the intro were used in the final Transformers trailer.