Seven bridges road guitar chords

“Seven Bridges Road” is an ode to Woodley Road, a rural two-lane road which runs south off East Fairview Avenue – the southern boundary of the Cloverdale neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama – at Cloverdale Road, and which features seven bridges: three pairs of bridges, and the seventh approximately 1 mile south by itself. The song’s composer Steve Young, would recall he and his friends (Steve Young quote:) “used to go out to Woodley Road carousing around”: “I wound up writing this song that I never dreamed anybody would even relate to, or understand, or get. And I still don’t understand why it was so successful, actually”: “I don’t know [exactly] what [the] song means”: “Consciously. . . I [just] wrote. . . a song about a girl and a road in south Alabama”: “But I think on another level the song has something kind of cosmic. . . that registers in the subconscious: the number seven has all of these religious and mystical connotations. ”