Smooth criminal guitar chords

Jason Elias of AllMusic wrote that “Smooth Criminal” was “a gorgeous and exhilarating record . . . [it] presents Michael Jackson at his most captivating and it never fails to impress”. Rolling Stone named it the sixth best Jackson song, writing that it was “his best blend of R&B groove and rock edginess, and a turning point in his shift toward darker, harder-edged material. ” In a retrospective review of Bad, Newsweek wrote: “[Smooth Criminal] is a sleek, exhilarating action sequence of a song that’s unlike anything else in Jackson’s catalog . . . an urgent and inspired highlight. Bad is at its best when it explores the darker, more paranoid side that began to consume Jackson’s life in the late ’80s, and this song captures that impulse. ” Entertainment Weekly wrote: “If there was one song on Bad that truly captured the sense of artistic freedom that Jackson felt after Thriller, it was this track . . . This is pop music as suspense drama. ”