Stop and stare guitar chords

The video was filmed in the desert of Palmdale, California at an old gas station/motel. Throughout the video we see flashes of scenes with multiple versions of the band members Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle and Drew Brown. As the video begins we see Ryan walking through the desert toward an open grave where a preacher stands delivering a eulogy. As he walks, we see flashes of scenes with Ryan completely submerged in a bathtub while fully clothed, in motel room #7 staring at a television displaying static, ringing the service bell at the motel desk, and sitting and waiting in the motel lobby. More Ryans are seen wandering around the motel, and again in motel room #7 leaning against the wall listening, while yet another Ryan is seen frantically driving a car with a pregnant woman in the back seat about to give birth. The Ryan standing at the open grave splits into two Ryans with one Ryan staying by the grave appearing to pray, while the second Ryan walks back toward the motel. At one point, we see the band in motel room #13 performing the song and Ryan entering the room and joining them. Outside the motel people from all walks of life have been gathering. Among them are Ryan, Zach, Eddie, Brent and Drew. They are all just standing outside the motel staring. Many of these scenes repeat and continue to flash back and forth, culminating in a scene where the Ryan driving the car comes to a screeching halt almost hitting the Ryan walking back from the grave as he crosses the road and the gathering of staring people look on unmoved. The static TV then bursts into flames, the Ryan in the bathtub emerges from the water, the preacher is alone at the open grave (with Ryan not there, concluding that the Ryan standing at the grave was the one who died) and the video ends.