This boy guitar chords

Its composition was an attempt by Lennon at writing a song in the style of Motown star Smokey Robinson, and specifically his song “I’ve Been Good To You”, which has similar circular doo-wop chord changes, melody and arrangement. The tune and arrangement also draws from “You Don’t Understand Me”, a B-side to a Bobby Freeman single. Paul McCartney cites the Teddy Bears’ 1958 hit “To Know Him Is To Love Him” as also being influential. Lennon, McCartney, and George Harrison join together to sing an intricate three-part close harmony in the verses and refrain and a similar technique is employed in later Beatles songs, notably “Yes It Is” and “Because”. Originally the middle eight was conceived as a guitar solo but altered during the recording process. Written in D major, the song revolves around a 1950s-style I-vi-ii-V doo-wop sequence in 12/8 time before moving to the harmonically complex middle eight (G-F#7-Bm-D7-G-E7-A-A7) and back again for the final verse and fade-out. William Mann describes the song as, “harmonically. . . one of their most intriguing, with its chains of pandiatonic clusters”.