Two steps behind guitar chords

The song was composed and demoed by lead singer Joe Elliott in 1989 during the writing and recording sessions for the band’s fifth album Adrenalize. The track was shelved for three years until it resurfaced following a late-night acoustic jamming session with the Hothouse Flowers in March 1992, which yielded three B-side tracks. When Elliott suggested recording “Two Steps Behind”, Collen suggested that it be recorded as an acoustic version. The track was recorded in a few hours in April 1992 and was released as the B-side to “Make Love Like a Man” in the UK. Later in 1993, the producers of the film Last Action Hero contacted the band requesting a new song for the film’s soundtrack. As the band were on tour at the time, they were unable to record brand new material for the soundtrack. Instead, they sent the producers the multitracks to the acoustic version of “Two Steps Behind”. The track was remixed and conductor Michael Kamen added an orchestral string treatment to the song. The inclusion of the song on the film’s soundtrack inspired the band to create the compilation album Retro Active from B-sides and unreleased material, and record new parts to the electric version of the song on 7–11 June.